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Eviction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This information is only certain to be true in the Antelope Valley of California. While these FAQs are generally true, they have not been checked against such things as local county or local court rules except in the Antelope Valley.  If you are anywhere other than in the Antelope Valley, you should check with local counsel before making any plans based on this information.

  1. What is a lawsuit?
  2. What do these legal terms mean?
  3. Why do I have to file a lawsuit?
  4. What if I physically force the tenant to move out?
  5. What right does the landlord have to enter the rental unit?
  6. Do I have to file an eviction if my tenant moved out but has allowed another person to move in?
  7. Can I remove the doors, windows, or turn off the electricity to the property?
  8. Do I have to continue to pay the utilities of the rental unit?
  9. What if the tenant dies?
  10. How is an eviction lawsuit different from other types of lawsuits?
  11. When can I file an eviction lawsuit?
  12. Do I have to give a notice to the tenant before I can sue them for eviction?
  13. What type of eviction notices are there?
  14. How is a Notice served?
  15. What is a Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit?
  16. What is a Three Day Notice to Cure or Quit?
  17. What is a Three Day Notice to Quit?
  18. What is a Thirty Day Notice to Quit?
  19. Can I serve a thirty or sixty day notice before the expiration of the lease?
  20. Does a lease remain in effect after it expires?
  21. When does the three days expire in a three day notice?
  22. What happens if the tenant offers the rent before the three day notice expires?
  23. What happens if the tenant offers less rent than required under the three day notice?
  24. Why do tenants get to stay in the property when they owe the rent?
  25. Prejudgement claim of right to possession?
  26. What does it mean to "serve" the lawsuit?
  27. Why does service of the lawsuit take time?
  28. Can the tenant be served if they don't answer the door?
  29. Can the tenant be served at work?
  30. What if you cannot find the tenant and no one ever answers the door?
  31. What if the tenant moves out after the lawsuit is filed?
  32. How do I get paid for the back rent?
  33. What happens if the tenant does not respond to the suit?
  34. What is a default and why does it matter?
  35. How much time does a tenant have to answer the lawsuit after they are served?
  36. What does the tenant do after they are served with the eviction suit?
  37. What is an "Answer"?
  38. How soon is trial, why does it take so long to get to trial?
  39. Does it matter what the tenant says in the "Answer." Does it matter if the tenant lies?
  40. What ways can the tenant respond to the suit other than an answer?
  41. Tenant defenses that work - habitability?
  42. Tenant defenses that work - discrimination?
  43. Tenant defenses that work - Three Day Notice Wrong?
  44. Tenant defenses that work - Notice not served?
  45. Tenant defenses that work - Receipt of Money after service of Notice?
  46. Tenant defenses that work - Retaliation?
  47. Tenant defenses that work - Rent Control?
  48. Tenant defenses that work - Waiver of Notice?
  49. Tenant defenses that work - Repair and Deduct?
  50. What is a trial?
  51. What is a money judgment?
  52. What do I do with the stuff the tenant leaves in the property?
  53. What do I do with the tenants property if the tenant moves out not by the Sheriff?
  54. What do I do with the tenants security deposit?
  55. Where do I mail the tenants accounting and security deposit?
  56. Bankruptcy?

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